Metallic Steel Silhouette Outline

Classes are :

Open- Any rifle with optics or iron sights that is not considered a cowboy rifle style.

Cowboy- Lever or pump action with iron sights only.

Pistol- Any pistol that can load 10 rounds. Optics or iron sights.



Course of fire:

4 Times for each set, for a total of 80 points for the match.

5 Chickens and 5 Pigs at 25 yards in 45 seconds

5 Turkeys and 5 Rams at 50 yards in 45 seconds.

10 rounds in 45 seconds.

This match allows the loading of TEN rounds of ammunition per string of fire.

Scoring is determined by each target that the shooter hits and knocks down. All targets that remain standing at the end of each string of fire are considered misses.

The shooters score is the tally of fallen targets that were actually shot by the shooter.

Occasionally targets fall due to wind or vibration. The match director will intervene and make a determination of the fairest way to score that shooter.

This is a FUN MATCH. It allows rapid fire at steel silhouette targets. Instant gratification of seeing your target fall when hit and instant frustration when you miss!

The match starts at 10 am. Sighting in is the first string of fire for all shooters at the same time. Sighting in ends when there are no targets left standing to shoot at.

The match is usually over by noon.