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Fee for this first event $10.00 exact change. No prizes, just glory and fun. Match Director – Jerry Goldfarb

Any brand of factory loaded .22 caliber Long Rifle ammunition may be used. It must be
available for sale over the counter to any individual and consist of the cartridge case,
powder and bullets. No cartridge shall be altered in anyway, or anything added to them. No exceptions!

Targets and Distance
An ABRA target consists of 20 record bulls, upon which one shot per bull is shot for score.
The right side of the target provides sighter targets that are the only Official Sighters.
The distance from the forward edge of the bench to the target shall be 50 yards, and shot from benches on the 100 yard side.

ABRA shall be divided into 2 Classes: ABRA (Unlimited) Outdoor, and (Factory) Outdoor.

ABRA (Unlimited) Class Rifle
Any Semi-automatic rifle chambered for the .22 Long Rifle cartridge may be used.
There are no weight limits, no classes, and no dimensional restrictions to barrels, stocks, or limits on scope magnification.
Rests must consist of a separate front and rear rest.
Neither front nor rear rest may be affixed or tied down to bench. Rifle must be allowed to recoil freely.

ABRA (Factory) Class Rifle
Any Semi-automatic rifle chambered for the .22 Long Rifle cartridge may be used.
There is no restriction on scope power.
You must use the original factory stock and it may not be modified in any way, form or fashion! (NO bedding or pillars, but you may use a pressure pad if desired)
Factory rifle barrel with matching factory markings on receiver/barrel must be used for its model, and no barrel diameter more than .750, without alteration. However, it may be re-crowned and re-chambered. If barrel has a front sight, it must be retained. Rear sight may be taken off to make room for scope.
Factory rifle trigger may be altered and lightened but original trigger housing must be used.
Factory rifle bolt may be altered (factory bolt must be used) and bolt handle spring may be lightened or altered to be able to fire target type ammo. Factory bolt handle must be used.
Neither front nor rear rest may be affixed or tied down to bench. Gun must be allowed to recoil freely.
No mid-barrel or muzzle tuners are allowed.
No other modifications for Factory class rifles will be allowed other than what is stated.

Scoring of Targets
Scoring rings with various values are included within each scoring box, and the values of shots in those boxes are 10 points, 9 points, 8 points, 7 points, 6 points, 5 points, and 0 points.
Scoring is based on the best edge scoring method. A bullet hole that touches the line is given the higher value.
A scoring plug shall be used to determine the value of any shots that are not obvious in value. The scoring plug MUST measure .224 in diameter.

Tie Scores
In the event of a tie score on an individual target, the winner shall be determined by comparing the targets of the tied competitors and, beginning with scoring box 1, the competitor with the highest score for that box shall be the winner.
If still tied, continue comparing shots from box to box in numerical order, until the tie is broken.

Equipment Recommendations

Approx 100 rounds of .22lr ammo
Scope should be a bare minimum of 9X, with 24-36X best.
Bring a two piece rest. Front rest with bag and a rear bag. You have the option of using a bipod front and monopod or sand bag rear. Sharp rest legs may not touch concrete bench, so bring something to protect the concrete from scratches.
Eye and ear protection.
Staple gun.
4 large clips to attach target backer to frame. Use 4 large binder clips.

Optional: Wind flags, stool.

Match Information
Course of fire: ten minutes for practice and sighting in. Three target cards of 20 bulls. Each target card given 15 minutes to complete.