The HRPC is accepting applications for membership.
You must be a member of the NRA.
If you are not, please use the link on this page to join.
Preference will be given to competitive shooters.
Contact Secretary Linda Dillon for details.


2989 Stirling Road
Dania Beach, FL 33312


An applicant must meet all Federal and State requirements for possessing a firearm.  An applicant must be sponsored by at least one Senior Member. 

An applicant must maintain current membership in the NRA. 

An applicant for membership must be a United States Citizen; however, a non-citizen may become an Associate Member (no voting privileges and may not hold office or sponsor a new member) upon approval of the Executive Committee and the General Membership.

An applicant must show competency in the handling of firearms in at least one of the following ways:

a.      By holding a NRA Classification card.

b.     By holding a NRA Instructor’s card.

c.      By presenting a NRA Temporary Classification Book.

d.     By showing evidence of having completed an NRA Firearms training course.

e.    By firing in three (3) HRPC Club sponsored matches after receiving at least (1) hour of instruction in safety and handling of firearms from a qualified Senior Member.

f.      By being instructed by the Chief Instructor or a designated assistant who will determine the applicant’s ability to meet any level of competency required by the HRPC.

g.   By being a junior (under age 18) and being instructed by the Director of Juniors or a designated assistant.

The Chief Instructor or a designated assistant must sign all applications to ensure that the applicant has received instruction concerning HRPC range safety rules.  The Chief Instructor is:  Duke Marren, Phone Number:  (754) 581-1073.  The custodial parent(s) or guardian(s) must also sign all applications for juniors.

 An applicant must submit a signed application with a check, cash or money order in the amount of $350.00 ($150 initiation fee and $200 annual dues) and a passport sized photo.  Applicants for Junior Membership pay only the annual $25.00 fee.  Application fees are non-refundable.

The Senior Member sponsoring the applicant will guide the applicant through the membership process to make sure that the application is completed in full and that all requirements for membership have been met.  No one acting as an individual or who is a member of any group or organization having as its purpose(s), the overthrow by force and violence of the Government of the United States, shall be eligible for membership.  The Executive Committee and the General Membership must approve all applicants for membership.

 The Florida Sport Shooting Association (FSSA) is the National Rifle Association (NRA) state association.  The FSSA publishes the “Mixed Calibers”, an award winning NRA publication covering all the shooting sports as well as all shooting issues.  The HRPC believes all persons interested in the shooting sports would benefit from membership in the FSSA.  An application for membership in enclosed with your HRPC application packet.


Good shooting and welcome aboard.


Revised: 2023