All scores are now being posted in pdf format.  Click on the link to open document.  You can download the sheet by saving the document to your local computer.

ABRA 08/26/2017

ABRA 07/22/2017

ABRA 06/24/2017

ABRA 03/25/2017

ABRA 01/28/2017

ABRA 06/25/2016

ABRA 03/26/2016

ABRA 02/27/2016

ABRA 01/23/2016

Scores ABRA Match 11/28/15


Jerry GoldfarbFactory1651571624841st Fact
Cary KeshenUnlimited1781861855492nd Unltd
Joe KayUnlimited1781761715252nd Unltd
Lou GonzalezUnlimited1611591564763rd Unltd

Scores ABRA Match 10/24/15


Bishop, ShaneFactory1591741765093rd Fact
Kay, JoeUnlimited175175794292nd Unltd
Keshen, CaryUnlimited1851771885501st Unltd
Goldfarb, JerryFactory1721701765182nd Fact
Summer, AlFactory1831791765381st Fact

HRPC Semi Auto Benchrest Match Saturday 8/22/15


Austen, JohnUnlimited1911931895731

Keshen, CaryUnlimited1901911835642

Goldfarb, JerryUnlimited1821881815513

Wynne, RickUnlimited1601641754994

Kay, JoeUnlimited1501591614705

Gonzalez, LouUnlimited1461571654686


Summer, AlFactory1741861815411

May 16, 2015TGT 1TGT 2TGT 3TGT 4TOTAL


Austen, John189192193190764

Keshen, Cary178176185171710

Kay, Joe158169164188679


Goldfarb, Jerry173171181176701

Bishop, Shane173175174169691

Galatolie, Vinnie170166159155650

Mar 28 at 2:42 PM


It was a windy day with light rain falling at the beginning of the match.  What I find truly amazing is that the unlimited shooters finished in alphabetical order!  What are the odds of that happening?


Unlimited  1st place went to John Austen, Lou Gonzalez in 2nd, and Kevin Hanson 3rd.

Factory 1st place went to Jerry Goldfarb, and Shane Bishop 2nd.  Shane is a great marksman but he was shooting a new rifle that gave him multiple problems.


All in all – a good fun time was had by all!


Thanks to John Austen, Chuck El Presidente, and Lou Speedy Gonzalez for help with the scoring.


Next match Saturday 2/28/15.


Let’s have a great turnout so we can petition to have this match moved to the 3rd Saturday each month allowing for an earlier start and being able to shoot 4 targets.

Hollywood Rifle & Pistol club, Inc.
December 27, 2014 - .22 - 50 Yard semi auto Bench Rest Match

                    TGT1     TGT 2   TGT 3    Total
Dan C            153        159      169         518
Joe K            157        154      149         460

Factory Class
Jerry G          172       177      169         518
Vinnie G         174      160       163         497


It was a breezy and dreary day, but seven members made history and competed in the very first HRPC semi-auto benchrest match.

Thanks to Bill Hart who called the match, and John Austen, Vinnie Galatolie, and Dan Chong for helping with the scoring.

The results are attached in a .pdf file.

I believe that the turnout would have been greater with better weather.

The bottom line is that everyone had a great and fun time!

Kudos to John Austen for taking first place in the unlimited class.  George Ordenes came in 2nd, and Shane Bishop edged out Joe Kay for 3rd place.

I placed first in factory class, squeaking by Vinnie Galatolie who took second.  Dan Chong placed third.

The big surprise was that other than John Austen’s score, the factory class beat out all other unlimited class shooters.  Makes you wonder about those fancied up barrels?

Based on the fun we all had I predict we will have a greater turn out at our next match which will be the 4th Saturday in December (12/27/14) with sign in at noon.

Spread the word!  Email me if you would like a copy of the rules.

Jerry Goldfarb -


Hollywood Rifle & Pistol club, Inc.
November 22, 2014 - .22 - 50 Yard semi auto Bench Rest Match

                      TGT1     TGT 2    TGT 3    Total
John A            175        185      189         549
George O        167        160      158         485
Shane B          160        173      149         482

Factory Class
Jerry G          173       177      174         524
Vinnie G        172       165      172         509
Dan C            153       160      175       488