Ladies Day Event
November 23, 2013

First I want to thank everyone who volunteered for our annual, very successful Ladies’ Day. We had 41 shooters, most who had little or no experience. A couple of the ladies were second time attendees but for most it was truly a “First Shots” event.

Speaking of “First Shots”…. The event would not have been possible without assistance from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). They provided additional advertising flyers, those 12 inch “Shoot N.C.” targets, the ammunition and the “goodie” bags which included eye protection, safety information, and gun-shaped computer jump drives.

A big thanks to all the volunteer coaches for the fantastic job they did. A very special thank to Joe Mains for teaching everyone how to be safe, to Dan Cole for calling the line, to “Chef K” for making sure everyone had enough to eat, and to Rick Moss who printed the registration and evaluation forms.

While not everyone turned in an evaluation form, those who did really sang our praises. Everyone said that the event met her expectations. The shooters liked the one-on-one instruction, learning about which eye was dominate, and “everything” the best.

If anyone has any pictures from the event, please forward them so they can be added (with permission) to our website.