Ladies Day Event

Sixty-three Ladies arrived, registered, received safety class and had the time of their lives shooting balloons, paper plates and scored targets. Many had never fired a gun before the event….. Our Annual Ladies Day Shoot was a wonderful event and was a total success due to the tremendous out-pouring of help by our magnificent member volunteers. Each Lady had their own personal coach and trainer on all twenty-five shooting positions. For every five shooting positions we had secondary zone, safety coaches. Each Lady approached their shooting positions with great confidence after receiving a thorough classroom presentation.

Our own gourmet kitchen served up delicious hot dogs, complimented by rolls, individual chip bags and thirst quenching bottled, spring water.

History was made at Hollywood Rifle & Pistol Club and we met our By-Law objective of contributing to our community in the proper, safe use of guns and the enjoyment of recreational shooting.

Thank You Members, you are the Greatest !
Fred Joy