Metallic Silhouette Match



We’ve changed things up a little bit for our monthly club silhouette tournaments shot the first Sunday of each month.  The on-line club calendar has not been reflecting this change, but here is what we’ve been doing the past several months.


Some of our targets stands are in disrepair, so we’ve been using the 3 small animal NRA targets traps on the 100 yard rifle side.  We tried a couple of different set-ups, and this is what we plan to do until we can get the other equipment repaired.


We will shoot 3 person flights using the first 2 traps located at the 40 and 60 yard distances.  Each trap will contain 10 silhouette targets.  The closest trap will have chickens and pigs.  The second trap will have turkeys and rams.  Shooters will have 2 minute and 30 seconds to shoot 10 targets.  We will then cease fire, make sight adjustments and have an additional 2 minutes and 30 seconds to shoot the second 10 targets.  After a cease fire, we will then reset and repeat the above to complete one scorecard.


As we have always done, a full match will consist of 80 targets (2 cards).  You can use any .22 LR semi-auto, bolt action, or lever action rifle, with iron sights or optics.  Or even a .22 LR pistol if you want.  Of course we will have different classes depending on what firearm is being used.


Come on out and try this new format.  It’s fun to watch things fall over that you hit with a bullet.  Setup (of which there is very little) starts at 9 AM if you’d like to help, registration at 9:30, and then a 10 minute practice session at 10.  Cost $10.00


Best Regards,
Cary Keshen

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